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#Create2Impact Kenya

Supporting children stemming from vulnerable backgrounds in completing their education.

#Create2Impact Kenya

How much does it take to change one life? was the guiding question behind the first pro-bono production completed by Papis & Mamis, as part of our #CreateToImpact initiative. Started by a group of young entrepreneurs from around the world and led by Daniela Zapata, who spent the summer of 2018 volunteering in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Kenya, the project aimed to empower children stemming from vulnerable backgrounds and provide them with the tools needed to complete their education.

#Create2Impact Kenya

The process

Having been part of Daniela’s journey from the very beginning, the P&M team sought to create an accurate depiction of the situation in Kibera, by showcasing the very people the initiative is all about: the children. By documenting the time spent by Daniela and our very own Sabino in Kenya, and transforming the resulting material into show-stopping visuals, we sought to awaken interest in viewers around the world.

The Process of the project

The Impact

Standing as proof that great content really can make a difference, the video production helped the campaign go viral, raising enough money to fully fund the education of 100 children in Kibera.

The impact of the project
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#Create2Impact Kenya

Sabino Hernandez

Tlaxcala, Mexico

Ángel Mendoza

Dublin, Ireland

Ioana Varga

Vienna, Austria
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