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Employee Voice Survey

Empowering employees across the Electrolux network to shape their work environment.

Employee Voice Survey

More than a mere measuring tool, Electrolux Group’s Employee Voice Survey aims to give employees across all European offices and factories an opportunity to raise their voices and become part of shaping the future of work. By popularising the Survey, Electrolux wished to empower the very people that make up the heart of the company, all while developing and improving their practices.

Employee Voice Survey

The process

The process of establishing a new, cohesive brand for the Survey relied on looking at the group corporate identity through a new lens, and identifying elements that can be adapted in order to provide a new, modern, and thus easily recognisable visual direction, all while remaining true to the attributes which have made the Electrolux brand a household name in the industry.

The Process of the project

The Impact

Having previously gained a deep understanding of the Electrolux identity, and supported by open communication on our partner’s side, the P&M team developed the new brand, as well as all the accompanying assets, in a timely and efficient manner, so they can be used to gather valuable information across all European branches.

The impact of the project
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Collaborating with Papis & Mamis is always a pleasure, their support brought great value to the project.


Employee Voice Survey

Tetiana Landysheva

Corporate Communications Specialist | Electrolux Group

Sabino Hernandez

Tlaxcala, Mexico

Adrian Dascăl

Brasov, Romania

Ioana Varga

Vienna, Austria
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