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Innovation & Demo Days

Showcasing ING's efforts in furthering innovation across the industry.

Innovation & Demo Days

Innovation can be the driving force that shapes the very backbone of an established institution - this is the core belief that has, for many years now, powered ING’s efforts to support and foster innovation across departments. With notable achievements to show as results, their many initiatives stand as examples that being open to the future of banking & finances - and empowering those who lead it - can completely transform an industry. The Innovation & Demo Days, a multiple-part event led by the Belgium & Netherlands divisions, aimed to involve all employees in the innovation process, as well as bring into the spotlight another successful batch of their FinTech Village program.

Innovation & Demo Days

The process

Present on site for the entirety of the event and working closely together with the ING team, we focused on capturing the enthusiastic spirit that powered the summit, and ensuring that the message, loud and clear, remains in the minds of all participating parties for the months to come. By juggling lengthy interview sessions, talks and workshops, the P&M team managed to expertly gather information and use it to recreate a representation that accurately depicts the atmosphere of the event.

The Process of the project

The Impact

Through thorough documentation and preparation, as well as excellent collaboration with our partner, our team’s efforts resulted in seven videos and multiple photography albums, that have been used ever since to raise awareness, both internally and externally, about the importance of innovation.

The impact of the project
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In spite of the complexities of the industry, the P&M team clearly conveyed and delivered our message.


Innovation & Demo Days

Katharina Wegener

Innovation Consultant FinTech Village

Sabino Hernandez

Tlaxcala, Mexico

Ángel Mendoza

Dublin, Ireland

Adrian Dascăl

Brasov, Romania

Ioana Varga

Vienna, Austria
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