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Plastic Free Factories

Supporting Electrolux employees across Europe in making their workplace more sustainable.

Plastic Free Factories

Knowing that sustainable practices are as important when it comes to the products they sell, as they are for internal procedures, is what lead the Electrolux Group to develop their very own internal environmental initiative, focused on drastically reducing plastic use across their European Offices and factories. Plastic Free Factories aims to approach workplace sustainability from a new perspective and empower employees to rethink their habits.

Plastic Free Factories

The process

Having already been familiarised with the Electrolux brand through previous collaborations, Papis & Mamis sought to provide a fresh take on the company’s corporate identity, by highlighting it in a dynamic and playful way. In doing so, we place a focus on original animated graphics, as well as a straightforward method of delivery, which could come across clearly regardless of language barriers.

The Process of the project

The Impact

Full flexibility and open communication with our partners over the course of several months allowed the P&M team to build an animated movie from scratch, together with its 12 different versions, which have been used across all factories in the Business Area Europe to promote better choices and lasting change.

The impact of the project
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The team's promptness and efficiency were key in ensuring an excellent delivery every time.


Plastic Free Factories

Konstantinos Aridas

Environmental Engineer at Electrolux | Electrolux Group

Sabino Hernandez

Tlaxcala, Mexico

Ioana Varga

Vienna, Austria

Ángel Mendoza

Dublin, Ireland
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